A Possibly Much-needed Explanation

   You might find yourself wondering what exactly you’ve just stumbled upon.  For that very reason, we thought it might be best to explain ourselves briefly.  What you have found here is, in fact, a story.  An online serial to be specific.

   This is a story about four vampires.  Four crazy, neurotic, ill-suited-for-society vampires.  Who decided to take it upon themselves to make three more crazy, neurotic vampires, all while under the guise of being helpful mentors at a not-so-legit program for troubled teens.  This goes well…or something like that.  We cordially invite you to sit back, strap in, and enjoy the madness to come.

A Little About the Authors and How this Happened:

   Having been severely traumatized by Twilight and after having many discussions about good and bad vampire fiction alike, Sierra and Christine decided that something had to be done; the world was missing a much needed vampire comedy.  You’re welcome.

(For more info on the Manor check out: http://www.revampmanor.com)

One thought on “A Possibly Much-needed Explanation

  1. Mindymouse14 says:

    Can’t wait for the first episode!

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